Collection: Blue Poppy Granule Singles

In this collection, you will find Blue Poppy's Granule Singles. "Blue Poppy Granule Singles Are Different." Over 300+ Single Herb Granules.

Enhanced Potency
Each formula is decocted with a dual extraction process using both alcohol and water.

No Starches
We replace inactive starches like maltodextrin with active herb powder.

Expert Formulation
Skillful processing and adjusted ingredient proportions adapt the formulas for today’s clinicians.

The following Granule Singles have FDA recognized food allergens present:

Sesame- Hei Zhi Ma
Soybean- Dan Dou Chi, He Shou Wu
Tree Nut- Bai Guo
Wheat- Fu Xiao Mai, Mai Ya

Blue Poppy Quote: We have recently received a new shipment of 64 Blue Poppy Granule Formulas and Singles which will replenish our stocks in time for the fall/winter season. There are two important points about these new granules that we would like to make you aware of.

1) All Singles and Formulas bottles now contain 100 grams and not 128 grams like our previous lots. The 128-gram size was an introductory size that provided 28 additional grams of granules for the same price as 100 grams.

2) We are in the process of updating all of our labels and this shipment of both Granule Singles and Formulas have new labels. Our externals line was the first to be updated earlier this year. We will be updating the labels of other product lines as time goes on.

Please Note: Label Changes Are Expected. Therefore, The Bottle Design May Appear Different Than What Is Shown In Our Listings.

Statement about Extraction Ratios: Click Here To View.

Blue Poppy Granule Singles

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