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Tanglong Herbal Tablets: Meticulously crafted in one of China’s top pharmaceutical GMP facilities, certified by the Australian government for stringent quality control. These tablets meet California FDA standards, ensuring safety and purity. Made from 100% pure concentrates, they’re free from fillers and heavy metals. Trusted by thousands of hospitals and clinics in China for over a decade. Tanglong Tablets are easy to take, with a concentrated delivery system for better healing results. The Practitioners’ Essentials Collection provides descriptive legends for each formula's healing function and historical background.

American Healing Technologies, Inc. (AHT) distributes top-quality classical Chinese herbal formulas and healing technologies. Partnering with the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, they offer educational resources from TCM expert Master Nan Lu. AHT focuses on supporting practitioners and patients in achieving optimal health. American Healing Technologies - Ancient Wisdom for Today's Wellness ™

In this collection, you will find all the Tanglong Herbs products we offer for sale.

Tanglong Herbs

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