Collection: TCMzone

TCMzone, established in 2000, introduced pharmaceutical-grade herbal medicine granule formulas in individual packet dosage form, starting with their Honso Kampo Japanese herbs. Partnering with top GMP-certified manufacturers in Japan and China, they conduct rigorous research to validate their formulas scientifically. TCMzone supplies its own formulas for US clinical studies and ensures product quality through sourcing according to "Dao Di" principles and rigorous testing methods like HPLC and TLC. Today, TCMzone is a leading supplier of professional herbal products in the US, dedicated to providing the highest quality herbal medicine to licensed healthcare professionals. Spearheaded by Founder and President Dr. Dan Wen and Sales and Marketing Director Jennifer Knapp, TCMzone is committed to advancing the herbal medicine movement in the United States.

In this collection, you will find all the Kan Herb products we offer for sale.


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