Collection: Far East Summit (Chinese Classics)

Since 1998, Far East Summit specializes in premium herbal products blending Chinese Herbal Tradition with modern biomedical research. Their goal is to offer holistic healthcare solutions, aiding pain relief, disease treatment, and patient management. Through sourcing herbs from China and employing a unique Golden Pearl extraction method, they preserve essential oils and traditional flavors vital for each formula. Product lines cater to practitioners (Chinese Classics), non-practitioners (Lifegate Health), healthcare professionals (Lifegate Clinical), and educational offerings (Dao Earth Traditional Collections).

All products are manufactured in their facility near Eugene, Oregon.

The "CHINESE CLASSICS®" formulas consist of traditional 5:1 liquid extracts and 8:1 liquid concentrates, exclusive to licensed healthcare professionals, boasting 84 extracts and 38 concentrates in various bottle sizes.

Additionally, Far East Summit offers "INDIVIDUAL HERBS," with 90 herbs available in 8:1 liquid extract form, suitable for practitioners, provided in multiple bottle sizes.

In this collection, you will find all the Far East Summit products we offer for sale.

Far East Summit (Chinese Classics)

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