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Purity Natural Beauty

Purity Natural Beauty - Brain Boost Nootropics Powder

Purity Natural Beauty - Brain Boost Nootropics Powder

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With 1.3g of nootropic mushroom and herbal extracts per serving, this superfood powder will boost your brain. Take 3-4 servings a day to:

❗Increase focus.

🧠 Improve memory.

🔥 Boost alertness.

🛡️ Increases focus and stamina.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 How many servings of He Shou Wu in one 5 ounce bag?
There are 104 servings in each bag.

 Does the product have an organic certification?
The products are certified organic by EcoCert, a certification body accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture.

 Are the powders water soluble?
Yes, the powders are water soluble and mixes easily in cold water and hot water or any liquid you prefer.

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