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Griffo Botanicals

Griffo Botanicals Lunalux - 60ml

Griffo Botanicals Lunalux - 60ml

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Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang plus Zuan Zao Ren Tang - 60ml

A combination of Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang and Suan Zao Ren Tang, Griffo Botanicals Lunalux calms the spirit, harmonizes the shao yang, clears heat, and nourishes the heart and blood.

Manufacturer suggested dosage: Tincture may be administered at any time. A standard dose is 1 teaspoon nightly. In acute cases, dosage may be increased up to 3 teaspoons nightly.

Note: Due to supply chain issues bottle design may vary.


Pin yin: Suan Zao Ren, Ban xia, Chai hu, Fu ling, Huang qin, Dang shen, Dai Zhe Shi, Long gu, Mu li, Chuan Xiong, Gui zhi, Da huang, Zhi Mu, Gan Cao

English: Jujube seed, Pinellia rhizome, Bupleurum root, Poria, Skullcap root, Codonopsis root, Hematite, Os draconis, Ostrea gigas, Ligusticum root, Cinnamon twig, Rhubarb Rhizome, Poria, Anemarrhena rhizome, Licorice root
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