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Griffo Botanicals

Griffo Botanicals Xiao Chai Hu - 60ml

Griffo Botanicals Xiao Chai Hu - 60ml

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Xiao Chai Hu Tang - 60mL

Griffo Botanicals Xiao Chai Hu is formulated to treat symptomatic presentations of Shao Yang Syndrome.

Suggested Use: Shake well and add to water or take directly. Consult your provider to determine the most effective dose for your constitution and range of symptoms.

Note: Due to supply chain issues bottle design may vary.


Pin yin: Chai Hu, Ban Xia, Dang Shen, Huang Qin, Da Zao, Gan Cao

English: Radix Bupleurum root, Pinellia rhizome, Codonopsis root, Scutellaria root, Ziziphus jujuba fruit, Glycyrrhiza root
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