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Health Concerns

Health Concerns Artestatin - 270 Capsules

Health Concerns Artestatin - 270 Capsules

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Artemesia Anua Herbal Supplement 270 capsules
Artestatin is composed of herbs that inhibit the growth of amoebae. The chief herb in the formula is artemisia annua (qing hao) which has been found through research to be effective in treating malaria and giardiasis, both caused by amebic organism. Dichroa (chang shan) and brucea (ya dan zi) are also commonly found in Chinese formulas that address malaria and other amebic conditions; research has found the latter herb capable of killing parasites in the cyst stage. Pulsatilla (bai tou weng) and coptis (huang lian) clear heat and fire toxicity, and are used to treat dysenteric disorders. Magnolia bark (hou po), pogostemon (hou xiang), and red atractylodes (cang zhu) are aromatic herbs used primarily to promote the movement of Qi, transform dampness, and resolve stagnation; research has found magnolia bark to be effective against amebic dysentery. Pinellia (ban xia) dries dampness, transforms phlegm, harmonizes the stomach and stops vomiting due to phlegm-dampness in the stomach. Dolichos (bian dou) is added to clear summerheat and strengthen the spleen. Because chronic diarrhea drains Qi and fluids, codonopsis (dang shen) is used in this formula to tonify the Qi, strengthen the spleen, and generate fluids. Citrus (chen pi) regulates the Qi, and transforms phlegm. Licorice (gan cao) harmonizes and moderates the characteristics of the other herbs; it also tonifies the spleen and augments the Qi. Other herbs in Artestatin are effective in treating dysentery and summerheat conditions characterized by nausea, diarrhea, and headache. Ginger (gan jiang) warms the middle and expels cold, and is used for conditions of deficiency due to insufficiency of the yang Qi. Cardamon (sha ren) not only moves the Qi and transforms dampness; it is added to this formula to prevent stagnation from the other tonifying herbs.


Artemisia anua concentrate (qing hao), Dichroa root (chang shan), Brucea fruit (ya dan zi), Pulsatilla root (bai tou weng), Magnolia bark (hou po), Pinellia rhizome (ban xia), Pogostemon herb (huo xiang), Dolichos seed (bai bian dou), Citrus peel (chen pi), Codonopsis root (dang shen), Licorice root (gan cao), Coptis rhizome (huang lian), Ginger rhizome (gan jiang), Red Atractylodes rhizome (cang zhu), Cardamon fruit (sha ren)
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