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Health Concerns

Health Concerns Clearing - 90 Capsules

Health Concerns Clearing - 90 Capsules

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Heart-Clearing Lotus Seed Herbal Supplement Modified Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin 90 capsules
Clearing is specific for a common pattern that presents with recurring or chronic vaginitis. Many women in their thirties and forties with this condition suffer from a combination of spleen qi deficiency leading to dampness, liver heat, deficient heat, and stagnant blood. This may occur with or without menstrual dysfunction. This formula is a modified version of the traditional formula: Heart Clearing Lotus Seed Drink (Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin). It is modified to suit the typical complex syndrome pattern that the practitioner sees in clinical practice. Lotus seed (lian zi) tonifies the spleen and arrests seminal emissions and leukorrhea. Smilax (tu fu ling) is a detoxicant, especially useful for urinary tract infections. Ophiopogon (mai men dong) adn white ginseng (bai ren shen) generate fluids. Astragalus (huang qi) tonifies Qi and eliminates edema. Poria (fu ling) helps tonify spleen and drains dampness. Lycium cortex (di gu pi) and moutan (mu dan pi) clear internal heat. Plantago (che qian zi) is a diuretic, specifically for urinary tract infections. Red peony (chi shao) invigorates blood. Scute (huang qin) eliminates dampness and heat. Licorice (gan cao) is a detoxicant.


Lotus seed (lian zi), Ophiopogon tuber (mai men dong), Poria sclerotium (fu ling), White Ginseng root (bai ren shen), Plantago seed (che qian zi), Scute root (huang qin), Smilax rhizome (tu fu ling), Astragalus root (huang qi), Lycium cortex (di gu pi), Moutan root bark (mu dan pi), Red Peony root (chi shao), Licorice root (gan cao)
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