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Blue Poppy

Huai Hua San

Huai Hua San

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This formula comes from Xu Shu-wei’s Song dynasty Pu Ji Ben Shi Fang (Formulas for Universal Benefit From My Practice) published in 1132. Our version is a 7:1 concentrated extract in a 750mg caplet. Serving Size: 3 Caplets - Servings per Container: 30

Pattern Discrimination

Stomach and intestinal damp heat.


dry stir-fried Huai Hua (Flos Sophorae)

750 mg

dry stir-fried Ce Bai Ye (Cacumen)

750 mg

Jing Jie (Herba Schizonepetae)

375 mg

Zhi Qiao (Fructus Aurantii)

375 mg

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