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Kan Herb

Kan Essentials Subdue Internal Wind

Kan Essentials Subdue Internal Wind

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Ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang


Gastrodia rhizome (Tian ma), White atractylodes rhizome (Bai zhu), Ginger cured pinellia rhizome (Jiang ban xia), Asian water plantain rhizome (Ze xie), Barley sprout (Chao mai ya), Medicated leaven (wheat, apricot seed)(Shen qu), Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome (Hong ren shen), Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome (Cang zhu), Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit (Chen pi), Poria (Fu ling), Phellodendron bark (Huang bai), Chinese skullcap root (Huang qin), Chinese licorice root and rhizome (Gan cao)
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