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Kan Herb

Kan Gentle Warriors Wood Builder

Kan Gentle Warriors Wood Builder

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White peony root (Bai shao), Lycium fruit (Gou qi zi), Poria (Fu ling), White atractylodes rhizome (Bai zhu), Codonopsis root (Dang shen), Dry fried millet or rice sprout (Chao gu ya), Perilla seed (Zi su zi), Honey fried stemona root (Zhi bai bu), Tangerine dried rind of green fruit (Qing pi), Siler root (Fang feng), Prepared cyperus rhizome (Zhi xiang fu), White mulberry leaf (Sang ye), Platycodon root (Jie geng), Chinese mint herb (Bo he), Honey fried Chinese licorice root & rhizome (Zhi gan cao)
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