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Kan Herb

Kan Traditionals Calm Breath Formula

Kan Traditionals Calm Breath Formula

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Ning Sou Wan


Platycodon root (Jie geng), Sichuan fritillary bulb (Chuan bei mu), Perilla fruit (Zi su zi), Ginger cured pinellia rhizome (Jiang ban xia), Poria (Fu ling), White mulberry root bark (Sang bai pi), Chinese mint herb (Bo he), Apricot seed (Xing ren), Trichosanthes root (Tian hua fen), Red tangerine peel (Ju hong), Dry fried millet or rice sprout (Chao gu ya), Schisandra fruit (Wu wei zi), Chinese licorice root and rhizome (Gan cao)
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