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Pacific BioLogic

Pacific BioLogic Calm & Clear - 60 Capsules

Pacific BioLogic Calm & Clear - 60 Capsules

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General anxiety and stress reduction, helps keep the mind calm and focused. Especially useful before entering or after stressful situations.

Suggested Dosage: 1-3 capsules 1-3 times daily. Take as needed and adjust dosage according to the severity of symptoms.

TCM Pattern: Nourish the Heart, Calm the Spirit

Tongue: Normal, may be some redness at the tip

Pulse: Wiry

Calms the Spirit, Nurtures the Heart
Valerian root Xie Cao
Gotu kola leaf
Lemon balm leaf
Passion flower
Polygala root Yuan Zhi
Fo-ti stem Ye Jiao Teng
Schisandra fruit Wu Wei Zi
Grass-leaf sweet flag rhizome Shi Chang Pu
Chinese salvia root Dan Shen
Chinese scullcap root Huang Qin

Opens Congested Liver Qi
White peony root Bai Shao
Tangerine peel (unripe) Qing Pi

Caution: If pregnant or nursing. Do not use with pharmaceutical sedative drugs.


Valerian root, Gotu kola leaf, Lemon balm leaf, Passion flower, Polygala root (Yuan Zhi), Fo-ti stem (Ye Jiao Teng), Schisandra fruit (Wu Wei Zi), Grass-leaf sweetflag rhizome (Shi Chang Pu), Chinese salvia root (DanShen), Chinese scullcap root (Huang Qin), White peony root (Bai Shao), Tangerine peel (unripe) (Qing Pi).

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