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Pacific BioLogic

Pacific BioLogic GI Tract: Detox-It - 90 Capsules

Pacific BioLogic GI Tract: Detox-It - 90 Capsules

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Helps relieve internal or external inflammatory conditions, fungal infections such as Candida or intestinal inflammatory conditions. Take daily when traveling to foreign countries for anti-microbial protection. Can be used to help treat toe and finger nail fungus, ends toxic dermatological conditions (i.e. poison oak, rashes, etc.)

Suggested Dosage: Begin with 2 capsules 2 times daily between meals and a third dose in the evening. Gradually increase the dosage every 1-3 days by 1 capsule until reaching the full dose of 4 capsules 3 times a day. For protection when traveling, take 1 capsule 15 minutes before each meal.

TCM Pattern: Clear Damp Heat, Transform Damp Turbidity, Expel parasites

Tongue: Thick yellow coating, red

Pulse: Slippery, rapid

Clear Heat Toxins
Olive leaf
Oregon grape root
Cat’s claw bark
Black walnut husk
Shrubby sophora root Ku Shen
Licorice root Gan Cao
Yellow dock root
Reishi mushroom Ling Zhi

Tonify Yin
Stinging nettle leaf
Pau d’Arco root bark
Cat’s claw bark

Tonify Blood and Jing
Reishi mushroom Ling Zhi

Warms to Aid Digestion and Absorption
Ginger root (fresh) Sheng Jiang

Caution: If pregnant or nursing.


Olive leaf, Oregon grape root, Cat’s claw bark, Black walnut husk, Shrubby sophora root (Ku Shen), ,Licorice root (Gan Cao), Yellow dock root, Reishi mushroom (Ling Zhi), Stinging nettle leaf, Pau d’Arco root bark, Cat’s claw bark, Reishi mushroom (Ling Zhi), Ginger root (fresh) (Sheng Jiang).

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