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Pacific BioLogic

Pacific BioLogic Kidney Tonic - 100 Capsules

Pacific BioLogic Kidney Tonic - 100 Capsules

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Based on a Japanese Kampo formula to treat degenerative conditions due to aging. Restoration of the vital energy (Qi) and Blood. Symptoms: fatigue, easily gets cold, chronic lower back weakness and/ or discomfort.

Suggested Dosage: Adults take 2-4 capsules 3 times daily between meals. Take additional potassium as this formula is a diuretic.

TCM Pattern: Tonify Kidney Qi and Yang

Tongue: Pale, swollen, white coating

Pulse: Weak, especially in Kidney position

Tonify Kidney Yin and Qi
Rehmannia root (fresh) Sheng Di Huang
Poria root Fu Ling
Asiatic dogwood fruit Shan Zhu Yu
Chinese yam root Shan Yao
Moutan bark Mu Dan Pi
Asian water plantain rhizome Ze Xie

Warms Kidney Yang
Monkshood root Fu Zi
Cinnamon bark Rou Gui

Caution: If pregnant or nursing.


Rehmannia root (fresh) (Sheng Di Huang), Poria root (Fu Ling), Asiatic dogwood fruit (Shan Zhu Yu), Chinese yam root (Shan Yao), Moutan bark (Mu Dan Pi), Asian water plantain Rhizome (Ze Xie), Monkshood root (Fu Zi), Cinnamon bark (Rou Gui).

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