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Pacific BioLogic

Pacific BioLogic Natura-Allergy - 90 Capsules

Pacific BioLogic Natura-Allergy - 90 Capsules

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Seasonal allergies with acute or chronic symptoms of sinus and nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, eye irritation, and headaches. Exposure to environmental toxins or allergens causing asthma, shortness of breath, or other allergic reactions.

Suggested Dosage: 1-2 capsules 3 times daily between meals or every 4 hours until symptoms are relieved.

TCM Pattern: Release, stabilize the Exterior and Lungs

Tongue: Normal or more moist than normal

Pulse: Superficial, slippery

Open Blocked Sinus
Fragrant angelica root Bai Zhi
Sichuan lovage root Chuan Xiong

Open and Circulate Lung Qi
Peucedanum root Qian Hu
Bitter orange peel Zhi Ke

Reduce Tightness in Neck and Head
Notopterygium root Qiang Huo
Kudzu root Ge Gen
Siler root Fang Feng

Dry Wetness
Atractylodes rhizome Cang Zhu
Poria root Fu Ling
Pubescent angelica root Du Huo

Focus Action of Herbs in Upper Body
Bupleurum root Chai Hu
Chinese cimicifuga rhizome Sheng Ma
Platycodon root Jie Geng

Open Stagnation and Circulate Fluids
Ginger root (fresh) Sheng Jiang
Jujube fruit Da Zao
Sichuan pepper Hua Jiao

Strengthen Spleen Qi to Help Fluid Metabolism
Astragalus root Huang Qi
Poria root Fu Ling
Licorice root Gan Cao

Caution: If pregnant or nursing.


Fragrant angelica root (Bai Zhi), Sichuan lovage root (Chuan Xiong), Peucedanum root (Qian Hu), Bitter orange peel (Zhi Ke), Notopterygium root (Qiang Huo), Kudzu root (Ge Gen), Siler root (Fang Feng), Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome (Cang Zhu), Poria root (Fu Ling), Pubescent angelica root (Du Huo), Bupleurum root (Chai Hu), Chinese cimicifuga rhizome (Sheng Ma), Platycodon root ( Jie Geng), Ginger root (fresh) (Sheng Jiang), Jujube fruit (Da Zao), Sichuan pepper (Hua Jiao), Astragalus root (Huang Qi), Poria root (Fu Ling), Licorice root (Gan Cao).

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