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Pacific BioLogic

Pacific BioLogic TobacOff - 90 Capsules

Pacific BioLogic TobacOff - 90 Capsules

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A complete program to help overcome nicotine addiction and minimize withdrawal symptoms. Great results reported – fast acting. 

Suggested Dosage: Start program by taking 3-4 capsules before bedtime on the first day. The following days, take 3-4 capsules one hour before meals. Maintain this dosage until tobacco cravings subside.

TCM Pattern: Clear Dampness and Heat from the Lungs, Calm the Spirit

Tongue: Red or dusky with dry yellow coating

Pulse: Rapid, maybe wiry or slippery

Clear Wetness and Heat from Lungs
Houttuynia leaf Yu Xing Cao
Vietnamese sophora root Shan Dou Gen

Calms Shen and Expectorant for Lungs
Polygala root Yuan Zhi

Tonifies Lung Qi and Calms Shen
American ginseng root Xi Yang Shen

Caution: Do not take during pregnancy. For some individuals, nausea may be experienced if smoking is continued.


Houttuynia leaf (Yu Xing Cao), Vietnamese sophora root (Shan Dou Gen), Polygala root (Yuan Zhi), American ginseng root (Xi Yang Shen).

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