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Three Treasures

Three Treasures Little Treasures Throat Soothe

Three Treasures Little Treasures Throat Soothe

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Yin Qiao San - 1 fl oz

Little Treasures Throat Soothe is formulated to Release the Exterior, expel Wind-Heat, and benefit the throat. Available in 1 fl. oz. bottles.

Action: : Release the Exterior, expel Wind-Heat, benefit the throat
Patterns: Invasion of external Wind-Heat at the Wei Level
Indications: Aversion to cold, shivers, fever (or forehead hot to the touch), sore throat, swollen throat, swollen tonsils
Tongue: Red sides (between the centre and the tip) and/or red front third. In severe cases, the tongue may have red points in these areas. The dosage can be adjusted according to the degree of redness of these areas and to the presence of red points: the redder these areas and the more red points there are, the higher the dose.
Pulse: : Floating-Rapid; it may be Floating only on the Lung position.

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Da Qing Ye (Da Qing YeFolium Isatidis Seu Baphicacanthi), Jin Yin Hua (Jin Yin HuaFlos Lonicerae Japonicae), Lian Qiao (Lian QiaoFructus Forsythiae), Jing Jie (Jing JieHerba Schizonepetae), Bo He (Bo HeHerba Menthae Haplocalycis), Fang Feng (Fang FengRadix Saposhnikoviae), Chai Hu (Chai HuRadix Bupleuri), Sang Ye (Sang YeFolium Mori), Shan Dou Ge (Shan Dou GenRadix Sophorae Subprostratae), Huang Qin(Huang QinRadix Scutellariae), Niu Bang Zi(Niu Bang ZiFructus Arctii), Jie Geng (Jie GengRadix Platycodi), Gan Ca (Gan CaoRadix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis), Da Zao (Da ZaoFructus Jujubae)
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